Adam's Road | NattyFox Band

Adam’s Road is the bonus track on Natty Fox’s EP, “Right Direction.” Jones wrote the song to commemorate his friend who sadly took his own life at the age of 27.

Jones met Adam Fetterhoff in 2003 when he auditioned to be the singer of a band that Adam was forming with his friend, Chris McDonald. They decided they liked his voice and formed a band called Kryptic. Kryptic had minor success recording a 6 song demo CD, getting radio play, and winning multiple battles of the band. They broke up 3 years later, and over the years Adam continued to show his talent and love for the guitar playing in a few other bands. Jones and Adam managed to keep in touch over the years and even occasionally joked about getting the band back together again.

On St. Patrick’s Day in 2010, Jones received a call from Camron Curnutt, who had been the last rhythm guitar player for Kryptic, as well as childhood friend of Adam’s. He gave Jones the unexpected news that Adam had committed suicide. Jones is quoted in saying, “Adam is the last person I would ever think to do something like this. He was an amazing person and loved by so many people. Always the life of the party and a great friend.

“Adam’s Road” conveys the different stages of grief, ranging from sadness and anger, to forgiveness. A mutual friend is quoted in saying, “We aren’t all lyricists, and the song has a way of putting our thoughts and emotions into words when we otherwise can’t.”


Adam Fetterhoff

Adam Fetterhoff

Adam’s Road

Release Date : 2014-02-25