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Natty Fox has partnered with FreeFM.MP3

We our happy to announce that Natty Fox has partnered with to give away our newest

We our happy to announce that Natty Fox has partnered with to give away our newest single ‘Right Direction’. The single will be featured for 30 days and shines the spotlight on Natty Fox and ‘Right Direction’.  We will also be participating in the sister site that has yet to be announced and is being designed to help spotlight bands and offer free legal downloads.

With most Free music downloads not really being “Free”, and in fact illegal, really takes the guess work out of what is a real free song. Users can download music with 100% confidence that the artist has worked out a deal with to distribute the music for free.

Jones, lead singer for Natty Fox, and the rest of the band were very excited when they learned of the opportunity to give out a free single. Especially ‘Right Direction’. The song itself is very catchy and has a meaning that everyone can identify with. “We are really ecstatic to be part of this ground breaking opportunity”, said Jones.

Once launches it’s sister site, listeners will be able to choose a favorite genre and download their favorite music for free, rate songs, write reviews, and visit the artist website. The potential to remove the fear of downloading songs is huge and many bands are eager to participate. expects the sister site to launch before the end of the year. Users that participate in the Natty Fox offer will be given special access to the site before the launch and some great freebies.

Head over to and download ‘Right Direction’ for free. Thanks to all of our fans for making our success possible.

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